Managing devices

Stewarding environment.

Stewarding environment.

Managing devices,

We enable sustainable tech. 

Tailored Needs Analysis

We provide an in-depth operational analysis of your organisation's device and communication requirements to provide optimal yet cost effective solutions.

Device Life Cycle Management

We provide a comprehensive solution for device lifecycle management, encompassing procurement, insurance, asset repair, resale, and environmentally responsible disposal.

Guaranteed Buyback

We buy back and extend the lifecycle of devices through refurbishment and reselling, supporting a sustainable technology ecosystem whilst making sure company's are maximising their tax depreciation deductions.

Why choose us

Professional Expertise:

Our seasoned team delivers unparalleled service, guided by industry best practices and a commitment to excellence.

Ease of Engagement:

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless experience, from initial consultation to ongoing support.

Environmental Impact:

By participating in the secondhand market, we contribute to a greener future, aligning with corporate social responsibility goals.

GDPR data erasure compliance

We offer certified GDPR compliance certificates on asset disposal.

Our process

1. Tailored Communication & Device solutions

We do an in-depth analysis of your business’ specific needs. We manage the process from procurement to implementation so that your business operations can run smoothly. 

2. Managing Life Cycle

Tracking Asset depreciation of devices and managing timely trade-ins to ensure your business capitalises on tax deductions. 

3. Buy-Back of assets & IT Re-evaluation of your operational needs

Guaranteed buy back at fair market value of your IT assets after it’s useful tax life, ensuring you get maximum value back to reinvest in new technologies to keep your business up to date and on the latest industry standards. 

We work with the best

We partnered with the best in the industry for your growing business communication and asset needs. Telkom is our exclusive strategic communications and assets provider that enables our service offerings.

Industries we serve:

Sales and customer service teams

Your organisation needs to ensure frontline sales staff are always available to convert leads, assist clients and be online to ensure operational efficiency. We make sure the tech they need gets it done.


All hospitality needs the tech to improve the ease and speed to serve their customers well. From iPads as POS interfaces to local networks to run your business, we ensure you are focussed on what needs to be done - let the tech do the rest


Making sure your educational institution's students and teachers are connected to empower them to thrive without tech holding them back.

So many more

If your organisation uses laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart watches or computers you can benefit from the ease of procurement, asset depreciation management and reselling to ensure maximum capital returns whilst increasing a device's life cycle.

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Join today to experience a simplified mobile device management solution with SWOPP Business. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to align with your communication needs while emphasising ease, maximum tax benefits and environmental stewardship.